Curious Bling

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©(P) 2012 Polywana Records

Produced by Henry & Kathleen Salvia
All songs Kathleen Enright Salvia-Henry Salvia, Flying Salvia Music (BMI) except:
#6: Ride On – James McCarthy, Universal-MCA Publishing
#7: Heaven and Hell - Butler-Dio-Iommi-Ward, Niji Music/Essex Music Intl., Inc.
#9: Everything Must Change – B. Ighner, Almo Music Corp.

Recorded at: OTR Studios, Belmont, California
Engineered by: Cookie Marenco
Second Engineer: Patrick O’Connor
Mastered by Cookie Marenco at OTR Studios

Cover Art: Joe Enright Photography
Graphic Design: Linda Kalin
Rocket courtesy of Cool Rockets ® 2012,
Space Photo: NASA, ESA, and STScI
Released: 2013

Special thanks to Patrick O’Connor for the sweet Gibson and to Nancy Russell for her encouragement. Dedicated to the memories of Kathi Kamen Goldmark, Jim Overton, and Ronnie James Dio.

There are no love songs on this record. But there are songs you will love. This acoustic-based, and slightly genre-bending CD includes beatnik jazz, jazzy protest, hauntingly hopeful folk, belly-grass, New Orleans, Irish folk, an acoustic tribute to a metal legend, autobiographical country-folk, one beloved jazz ballad, a blues, and finally, a western lullaby to roadkill.

It all hangs together under the tender loving care of the players: Henry Salvia, co-writer and band leader (Houston Jones, Johnny Nocturne, Johnny Colla & The Lucky Devils), Glenn Pomianek (Houston Jones, The Waybacks), Ken Owen (Jim Campilongo's "Ten Gallon Cats", Train Wreck), Paul Olguin (Maria Muldaur, Shana Morrison) and guests Travis Jones (Houston Jones), Peter Tucker (Houston Jones, The Waybacks, Train Wreck), Sam Barry (Rock Bottom Remainders, Train Wreck), and David Phillips (Kathy N.Right, Train Wreck, Big Lou's Dance Party, and many, many SF hipster bands).

Vocalist and songwriter Kathleen Enright Salvia (The Rayons - the original ones from SF back in the day, Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir) comes through loud and clear with pure tones and points of view that don't mince on words or hold back on the story.

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